Ode To The Wasp Woman

Sean Young. (Photo credit: Maria Baranova)

Sean Young is triumphant as a washed-up B-actress in this uproarious yet poignant exploration of old Hollywood’s underside; four sad tales are enacted.

The Constant Wife

(Art design credit: Bob Johnson)

W. Somerset Maugham’s scintillating 1926 social comedy is given a fizzy revival by a NYC-based theater company devoted to artists over the age of 50.

King of the Jews

Richard Topol. (Photo credit: Russ Rowland)

European Jewish collaboration with the Germans during the Holocaust is dramatized in this searing immersive presentation which is set in a bustling café.

Of The Dream That Was My Life…

Kristyn Koczur.

French sculptor Camille Claudel’s tumultuous life and tempestuous relationship with Auguste Rodin are dramatized in this absorbing theatrical depiction.